Spotter values and provides up-front cash for existing content libraries on YouTube.
Aaron DeBevoise
Why we invested

Infinite Canvas is a publisher for user-generated, creator-led games. Infinite Canvas empowers game developers by providing development, engineering, and monetization support.

“Our mission is to give creators access to knowledge and capital, so their creativity can change the world”.
Aaron DeBevoise
More from the team
"Spotter empowers top YouTube creators to accelerate their business and unleash their full creative potential by giving them access to the capital, knowledge, and community they need to succeed at scale. As the top provider of creator-friendly growth capital, Spotter tailors our investments to meet the unique needs of each creator we partner with, giving them the freedom to create without compromise."
Aaron DeBevoise
Experience with Crossbeam
"Crossbeam has been a very supportive and thoughtful partner. We often find ourselves asking the team at Crossbeam for advice and guidance and their input has been invaluable. Furthermore, the connections to potential investors and partners that Crossbeam brings to the partnership has made a meaningful impact."
Aaron DeBevoise
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