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Salad Ventures is building a flywheel of software/blockchain products which aim to underpin the play-to-earn gaming economy. Core to this flywheel are: Apollo Squad, Salad Academy, GuildOS, Omnivoyant.Ai, Phleet, and Salad Invest.
Felix Sim
Why we invested

Infinite Canvas is a publisher for user-generated, creator-led games. Infinite Canvas empowers game developers by providing development, engineering, and monetization support.

"Blockchain games offers a huge opportunity for those around the world to earn an income, but I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our mission at Salad is to discover, support and introduce all X-To-Earn opportunities to the world’s labour force, in order to promote full and productive employment and decent work for all."
Felix Sim
More from the team
"Salad builds, curates and support Web3 projects that offer earning opportunities on the blockchain through the exchange of labour. Covid has changed the way we work, and there is a huge opportunity to re-globalise the world’s workforce through Web3. At Salad Ventures, we do this by building products such as GuildOS, which is a web-based ERP software used to organise and manage labour in the Web3 space. We have also built Apollo Academy, which offers the most practical Web3 lessons thought by reputable instructors. We also run Club Salad, a community and events platform that brings together like-minded stakeholders online and in real life."
Felix Sim
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We are always around! We take pride in moving quickly - feel free to reach out at the idea stage or send your suggestions on novel asset classes we should be exploring.
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