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Payient is an employer-sponsored payment platform for employees' medical expenses.
Brian Whorley
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Infinite Canvas is a publisher for user-generated, creator-led games. Infinite Canvas empowers game developers by providing development, engineering, and monetization support.

"Paytient is the leading provider of Health Payment Accounts (HPAs), a sponsored line of interest-free credit for healthcare expenses. Paytient partners with employers, payers, and local health systems to transform patients into Paytients — people empowered to care for their families. Paytients can use their HPA card to pay out-of-pocket costs in full at the time of service, turning unexpected healthcare expenses into 0% APR personalized repayment plans."
Brian Whorley
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"Our mission is to use financial technology to help people access and afford care. We are missionaries, not mercenaries, shaped by an unshakable belief in the better tomorrow we are building together. This leadership looks like tenacity, flexibility, and unrelenting optimism despite the inevitable challenges we’ll face along the way."
Brian Whorley
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Brian Whorley (Founder & CEO)
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