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Empowering legal and procurement teams negotiate and close contracts with speed and precision.
Henal Patel
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Infinite Canvas is a publisher for user-generated, creator-led games. Infinite Canvas empowers game developers by providing development, engineering, and monetization support.

"DocJuris is the fastest and most accurate way to close deals. We deliver the technology, people, and playbooks so that contracts can be negotiated in minutes."
Henal Patel
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"Our mission at DocJuris is to change the future of contracting. As a former in-house lawyer and legal operations specialist for over 10 years, I learned first hand how inefficiencies in contracts impact every company in the world. With a dedicated team of contract enthusiasts and engineers, DocJuris empowers teams to spend less time clashing and more time closing."
Henal Patel
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Henal Patel (Founder)

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We are always around! We take pride in moving quickly - feel free to reach out at the idea stage or send your suggestions on novel asset classes we should be exploring.
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