Cero solves communication problems between health institutions and patients, from confirmations to waiting lists, preventive controls and agenda blocks.
Felipe Rodríguez
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"The consumer experience in healthcare sucks. There are a lot of good excuses (regulations, misaligned incentives, insurance). We are building a healthcare technology infrastructure to put the patient at the center and adapt to what they really need. If patients win, the whole industry wins. And we're doing it one conversation at a time."
Felipe Rodríguez
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"At Cero, we are on a mission to improve access to healthcare. To start, we are solving specific coordination tasks between hospitals and patients, such as appointment confirmations and last minute cancellations, by automatically communicating with patients over WhatsApp. For example, a patient can confirm and reschedule their appointment without needing to call anyone. This helps Providers to reduce patient No Show and also helps patients with more options to find their care."
Felipe Rodríguez
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We are always around! We take pride in moving quickly - feel free to reach out at the idea stage or send your suggestions on novel asset classes we should be exploring.
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