1v1Me allows people to stake on popular video games.
Anthony Geranio
Alex Emmanuel
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Infinite Canvas is a publisher for user-generated, creator-led games. Infinite Canvas empowers game developers by providing development, engineering, and monetization support.

"1v1Me is an app where you can earn money by playing competitive video games or by supporting your favorite players. On 1v1Me competitive players can wager against each other, putting up their own money in exchange for the pot if they win a matchup. Their fans can follow along by watching matches in the app, and can even stake money on the match, allowing them to win when their favorite players win. We're like if Draft Kings, ESPN and Twitch had a baby."
Anthony Geranio
More from the team
"Our mission is to empower competitive gamers, who train mercilessly to become the best in the world, to compete at a higher level, and make a career out of their skills. Our vision for the future of 1v1Me is to build a world where esports athletes are household names, where competitive gamers are held in the same regard as D1 college athletes and where people can turn their fandom into cash, by backing their favorites. We're building a platform to run the world's biggest and best esports leagues, a place where players and fans can watch, wager and stake all in one place."
Anthony Geranio
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